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Service : Rolex Oyster Perpetual - calibre 1560

A client bought this nice vintage Rolex. As the deal was round and the watch came out of the safe of the seller, it seems it didn't work anymore. My client got a new deal and came to me afterwards.

This Rolex only worked with dial downwards. During that, we see a low amplitude and a large beat error. As it's thicking, at first sight no damaged parts, just a service and new spring might be sufficient.

First things first, take the whole watch apart for cleaning.

Epilame treatment for the relevant parts

I start with lubricating the caps while the balance is still in position.

Gear train and barrel first.

Winding system

Ready for the ancre and balance. Starts thicking and always give a great feeling.

I had to correct the beat error at its max setting. So 0,8ms is the best I got. There are other ways to correct it, but with an almost 60 years old Rolex, I'm not gonna play with the axe.

I'm happy with these settings concidering the age of this watch.

Back into the case

And now with the automatic system on. A new gasket and ready to close again and for the test bank.

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