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Repair + Service : Rolex 16200 Caliber 3135

I received this Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust from a client who unfortunately dropped his Rolex. The watch was running for couple of seconds and then stopped.

Time to find out what happened inside!

The reason is found quickly once opened. The cap jewel and holder have been jumped out due to the shock. I found the cap jewel (at the side of the crown). Unlucky I didn't find the jewel holder. The watch was opened before by the client. With the dial downwards, the movement started running.

This watch definitely requires a service. Bad beat and beat error.

The automatic system removed exposes a very nice caliber.

I start taking apart all pieces for cleaning. I check every part as the watch had a shock and axis could be damaged. The client is lucky, beside the jewel holder, everything seems allright

The date mechanism is really a jewel. Now I understand the price of Rolex. It's totally worhted!

Everything cleaned and ready for assemble!

A new cap jewel holder has arrived and we can finally start

Start epilame treatmetn for the fourth wheel, reverser wheels, pallet fork and escape wheel. I did the four cap jewels seperately as they are very small and I need to do it with caution so they don't drop through the holes!

I first start to oil the cap jewels and put them in place. For this caliber, you have four of them as the escape wheel has them too.

I really love this balance bridge

I start with the barrel and second stop,

Gear train in place

Keyless work in place

Pallet fork and balance in place. Starts running like it should be!

Date ring in place

Automatic system back together. I'm gonna put this one back once the movement is back in it's case.

To regulate the movement, you require a special tool, the microstella, With this one, you screw the little nuts on the balance in order to regulate the beat. Very tricky but nice to do!

Back all together and with new crown, tube and case gaskets.

I regulated the movement well conform the Rolex requirements! I corrected the beat error from 2,6ms to 0,0ms and increase the beat up to +2s/d. The new spring gives me a nice amplitude.

This watch is ready to wear again!

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